Content Marketing

Content Marketing is crucial if you try to beat your competitors on the digital highway. The content that you have can be written content but also video content, images, and other content that represents your business.All the types of content must be written in the content marketing plan which is a vital part of your digital marketing strategy. All the types of content must be written in the content marketing plan which is a vital part of your digital marketing strategy.

It sounds all complicated to write and think about content but it is all about the digital strategy that you want to unfold. The written content, the videos, the images they are all part of the digital strategy or dedicated to the marketing aspects within the digital marketing plan.

Content Story

People love to hear or read a story and that is what you are trying to realise with your content. A story in text, video, images, it does not matter, the content is telling your visitors about your business or your products, that includes services you deliver. This sounds very easy, you write a story, and people love to read, unfortunately, that is not the case unless you are a celebrity.

Telling a story is not always easy, you might do that or have done that for your kid, the so called bedtime story. But was that story popping up or did you read it from a book?

The imagination of that story is the same as the content for your business. Do not copy a story, write your own. Every business is unique therefore your content must be unique.

Evergreen Content

It would be great if the content that you have is always relevant. Content is King but only when it is relevant, going one step further is Evergreen Content. There is no need to update the content because it is always relevant and the visitor will find that story compelling. If you create a content marketing plan, then the evergreen content is part of that plan. Creating Evergreen Content is not easy but in short, Evergreen Content is Timeless, it will always be the same.

If you have a business about travel, a piece of evergreen content can be a pilgrim route in your area. This will never change. You might have a business about pets, writing about building a dogs house including instruction manual is Evergreen Content because that instruction set of building that dogs house will never change.

Content Writing

Writing content is for some easy and for others nearly a crime. You probably have heard about the writers’ block, a blockage that every writer has when no ideas are popping up. A content writer can have exactly the same especially when you are trying to write content out of the blue. Writing content for a website is a lot easier than writing content for a book and although there is still research needed web pages, however, need just relevant content to the visitors.

The strategy or better the execution of your content strategy should not result in a page of 2,000,000 words where 1500 words are enough as long as you write quality and relevant content. Pages with 10,000 words are just too long, 500 words might be sufficient but it all depends on the quality and how relevant your text is. The search engines become more and more advanced, the algorithms used are complex and that means that you simply cannot beat the search engines by tricking them.

Content Calendar

A content strategy should write about a content calendar that helps you to remember what to write when. It is the corner stone for your execution plan which joins together with the project that you run for certain campaigns. You might have written in your content strategy that email is an important part of campaigns, then in your execution phase, you will go deeper with more detailed dates and time when the content must be ready.

The content calendar is your book, you not only write the top line of a particular subject for a particular day but during writing other pages, you have certain keywords or phrases that you think of and place write that in the content calendar as a note.

Content Analysis

At Biztech, we analyse your content and report to you where changes can be done. These changes can be onsite but also offsite changes.

Your YouTube Channel might be a great source of traffic but the content might not be good enough and the same is for podcasts, next to the content of your website or your Adwords campaigns. The analysis can take some time, looking at all the content sources you have but at the end, there is one goal and that is described in your digital marketing strategy.

Content Strategy Template

Writing a content strategy template is not really difficult, although there are plenty of websites that write about content strategy. The template should not only show the calendar but also the reasons why certain content must be written, the goals, metrics, constraints and much more.

Biztech can help with your Content Strategy

With tons of experience, Biztech can help you with your content strategy as part of your digital strategy. The plan that comes out of your content strategy is executable by you, us or another 3rd party.

We will deliver a content manager that will understand your content. The Biztech Content Manager will have read your content and can discuss with you on the same level. The Content Manager will work with Content Creators to deliver the content your business need.