Social Media

Social Media Marketing

We all know what social media is and we all have seen the advertisements as part of social media marketing. Social Media Marketing is a profession in its own right and with so many different social media platforms large businesses have dedicated managers to run their social media campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Companies have setup a social media marketing strategy and follow that in order to engage with the audience with selling their products or services in mind. A social media marketing campaign always starts with a strategy, this can be an overall strategy but also a strategy on a much lower level, the campaign level. The social media marketing strategy does not just mean that businesses want to sell their product or service but an awareness of their brand by a large audience can be key in the strategy. This audience is you and Biztech helps you to establish social media marketing campaigns to drive relevant traffic to your website.

Large corporations have their own dedicated marketing department with their own budgets but when you are smaller you just do not have the knowledge or the time to run these social media marketing campaigns. Setting up a Facebook page or having a Twitter account is not enough, this is great for engagement but when you have a web shop you want visitors coming to your website and buy your products.

These products can be your own products that you create or products from others through drop shipping or you might have an affiliate site earning a percentage of every product that is sold through a link that you provide on your website.

Social Media Campaign

In your marketing strategy plan, you will have written about social media and the campaigns that you are thinking of. Going into more detail you will need to write what kind of campaigns you are going to run. This can be a Facebook campaign or Twitter campaign each with their individual budget. The execution phase of the social media campaigns is not written in the strategy but that must be done per topic where more detail per campaign is written.

Large corporations might have a dedicated Social Media Campaign manager to manage this but for small and mid-sized businesses a dedicated Social Media Manager, smaller businesses might hire a freelance social media manager or outsource their social media campaigns to a Digital Agency specialised in Social Media. You might even think about running it yourself but the risk is that you are focussing too much on the social media campaign activities and not on your own business anymore.

Social Media Content Plan

The Content Plan is an important part of any Social Media Marketing Campaign. You will need a strategy that helps you to achieve the goals and part of that is content. This content can be a simple image with a one-liner or a 1500-word article that you place on Facebook discussing new products or a “how to” article with links to your own website but also other website giving that article more power.

The Social Media Content Plan can be just a simple calendar where you write what you will do on a certain date but at the same time write the reason for that. The content plan can write “create image” but that looks more like a task rather than a plan. The plan is a set of tasks that together will result in an outcome. Explain what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve that then the tasks will follow.

Social Media for Small Business

Biztech helps small and mid-sized businesses with their social media strategy, plans, and campaigns. We have the experts that will help you further and with us a single point of contact we take care of all your potential worries.

Together we will write the Social Media Marketing Strategy otherwise we come with a proposal and once agreed we get into planning and execution. Biztech will take care of the Social Media Advertising and with your budget in mind, we target only these platforms that are really relevant for your business goals.

Social Media Analytics

The collected data will be sent to you in a report and discussed with you to optimise the Social Media Campaigns for your budget.