Digital Strategy

The majority of businesses have a business plan, a strategy that sets out their goals for the next few years. These businesses have a strategy but once they go online it seems many of the businesses are blocked, there is no digital strategy, no digital marketing plan, just nothing except for a website and a Social Media page on Facebook and sometimes a Twitter account.

You hardly can call that a digital strategy, it basically means they have not thought about it or expect visitors to find their website and Facebook page but in simple terms there is nothing and that will have consequences.

Digital Strategy Consulting

In the new technical era, it is just not enough to have a website and a Social Media page. There is a lot more to do to engage with clients and customers on the digital highway. The businesses that do not recognise this will simply fail.It is not enough to have a business plan outlining the business strategy without a digital strategy as part of that business plan.If you want to be successful then you must have a plan that you follow to make the digitalised world work for your business. Your online business should follow this plan and this plan is updated at least once a year because new technology comes and can help you to make your business flourish and stay ahead of the competition.Your digital strategist who created the digital strategy must be someone very close to your business and who understand the direction of the business.A strategy is not new, every business has a strategy and when you do have an online presence then the question is raised why many businesses do not have a digital strategy.

Business owners are the experts of their own business and have the passion to do business in their niche but to attract online customers you must stand out from your competition. These potential customers must know you because when they do not you simply will not do any business.One of the reasons to not have a digital strategy is that the online world and all the opportunities might be overwhelming and for that you have a Digital Agency that helps you to prioritise and run the campaigns that are most effective.

At Biztech we recognise that burden on businesses, we see it daily, and are here to help you make the most out of the online world for your business.It is not just creating and developing a website or run an email campaign, our services go beyond that. We do not stop at Search Engine Optimisation because ranking high in the search engines is, although important, not everything.

Digital Transformation

It is not easy to transform your brick and mortar business to a digital business that is present online and also is a presence to be reckoned with. Do the processes you have developed over the years also work online where there is simply a 24×7 mentality but also a mentality when you are not good enough visitors do not come, they not even enter your website.It is just not enough to say we have a website, transforming your business to the online world can be an overwhelming task but to do this properly a digital transformation project is needed that executes your digital strategy.

The engagement you have with your customers do need a different approach online. Your competitor is a mouse click away, therefore, your presence online after the transformation must be engaging otherwise visitors simply will forget you because you are irrelevant and nothing but a meaningless brochure and when that happens all the effort and money you put into your online presence is just a waste.

Digital Engagement

On all the websites you see online there is a Contact Us page but are visitors going to that page to contact you? Do visitors engage with you by clicking “Contact Us”?

They do not, you need to engage the visitors to contact you with so called Call to Action processes and that is not only on your website but via other channels like Social Media channels as well. The Digital Engagement part in your Digital Strategy plan is important for your business to set-out the interaction between visitors and your business. This interaction must result in an action for you to engage and for the visitor to be educated with what you do and can do for them. Visitors have a problem and your business can solve that problem, digital engagement will give your visitors a good feeling so they come back to you for your services or your products.

It is not just about traffic, you can get as many traffic as you want but when that traffic is not doing something meaningful then again you lose money and lose potential clients. In the bricks and mortar business, you will give the visitor a business card, in the online world that is more tricky but still, you want to engage with the visitors so you can contact them in the future. You do need to engage with them so they join your newsletter or mailing list or send an email to a friend to talk about you. Or leave a message in a public forum where your business is mentioned. This way the engagement brings your business to a new level and more important more visitors that want to do business with you. The digital strategy MUST write how you engage with your visitors, your clients, digital engagement is part of your digital strategy.

Digital Framework

The Digital Strategy should result in a Digital Framework where all the components are linked to each other for your business to stand out. This framework starts with the strategy as already mentioned but this framework is the blueprint for all your online work.

In the Digital Framework, you write what you do with video and images, the visual aspects of your business and how your brand interacts with all the different digital components that are at your fingertips to make your business successful. The concept of the Digital Framework is huge but as you cannot do all at the same time, priorities must be set.

Digital Implementation and Practice

The digital strategy is a high-level document that is updated at least once a year but it might be that in your business you will need to update your business plan that includes your digital strategy every 6 months. That is not easy, but your competitor is not sitting still, doing anything. Your competition will beat you and make you irrelevant and that is what you should avoid.

Visitors are a mouse click away from your competition to you but at the same time from you to the competition. Your digital strategist should have all the information to update the digital plan, updating the goals if needed.

Digital Marketing Strategy Template

There are several digital marketing strategy templates available for free on the internet, there is no need to start from scratch.

A digital marketing strategy template is great but more important is that you know what your strategy is going to be on the digital highway and if that is complicated, especially if you lack the knowledge, then we are pleased to help you achieving creating the digital marketing strategy for your business.

Your Digital Strategy

At Biztech, we would love to help you developing Your Digital Strategy Plan as part of the overall business plan. You know your business best and we know our business, this together will shape a strong partnership where your business will flourish online.